Random Impulse (One To Watch)

Mixing genre’s is a brave thing to do and when done well it’s a fresh breath of air, and Random Impulse certainly does it well. His mix of grime and indie rock style electric guitar riffs work together well and leave you with clever and catchy songs that’ll you will find hard to resist.

Jovel Walker also known as Random Impulse is not only an artist he’s also a producer and engineer. In the past he has worked with Lupe Fiasco, Chipmunk and Tinie Tempah to many only a few. His song Overload has been played on Radio 1,6,xtra by such dj’s as Trevor Nelson, Mistajam and Steve Lamacq making him definitely one to watch.

Here is his most well known song ‘Overload’ the video was first shown on SB.TV’s youtube channel back in January and it’s good so go check it out.

Next up is a track called ‘Still They Sing’ the lyrics in this really relate to me because i’m one of them people who sings along to songs they’ve never heard before (especially when i’ve had a few drinks)

Finally here is the ‘No Sleep For Winners EP Preview’ it’s only 4 days old so you can brag to your mates who aren’t as up to date



Wub Wub Wub

The newest Dubstep tracks to make it in to my music collection.

First up is a track called Superheroes by Quartus Saul, it will be released on the 12th of september, put it in your diary.

I discovered this through chiptune style dubstep producer Monster! Monster!’s soundcloud page a few hours ago and it’s been played a lot since. It’s what I like to call upbeat dubstep, it keeps you moving but it has enough wobble to make it ‘cool’ (as the NME kids would say)

This next track is from Zomboy, it’s called Game Time and it’s from the EP of the same name.

This tune has been doing the rounds for a while now but I purchased the EP off itunes earlier today so thought it deserved a listen. Plus Zomboy samples Peanut Butter Jelly Time so he’s pretty much godlike in my eyes.

Finally we have Imperial March by Dirt Monkey

This is one of them tracks that at first i’m not sure if i should like it, but the catchiness of the darth vader’s theme tune beats me and I end up playing this at full volume kinda wishing I had a lightsaber handy to swing around in time to the beats!!

Plus it’s on free download, so everyone wins

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