Top 5 We Are Hunted tracks this week

We Are Hunted is one of my favorite new music discovery sites. It’s a chart site of the top 99 songs on the web right now. I have spent hours listening to the 99 songs on the chart today and slowly knocked it down to my top 5.

Here’s my top 5 

Cloud Control – Death Cloud

‘A less commercial, more raw indie sounding version of Temper Trap’

It’s on free download on the Cloud Control facebook page as well


Dog Is Dead -Hands Down

‘Catchy indie pop from the UK, WIN!’


Zomby – Labyrinth

‘One of my favorite producers, make sure you go and listen to ‘where

were u in 92?’



The Jungle Giants – Mr Polite

      ‘Some more indie pop for you. Plus they list Cloud Control (number 1          on the list) as an influence , can only equal good’
ASAP Rocky – Out Of This World
       ‘Finally some rap from Harlem, NY, Rocky pulls his influences from       various genre’s, ultimately bringing afresh new sound to rap/ hip hop’

Tribes (A band you need in your life)

This is Rock’n’Roll! Beautiful and infectious songs that sound best when being played on top of a shop roof in the middle of Camden. Also if you were wondering they sound pretty damn good live, I would recommend seeing them play asap. The song sappho has been played a lot around the internet lately and as much as I love that song I have to say that this song (below) is my favorite Tribes song.

The new single When my day comes should be out in October sometime and their album (which if my sources are right will be called ‘baby’) is due out in January 2012.

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