Top 5 We Are Hunted tracks this week

We Are Hunted is one of my favorite new music discovery sites. It’s a chart site of the top 99 songs on the web right now. I have spent hours listening to the 99 songs on the chart today and slowly knocked it down to my top 5.

Here’s my top 5 

Cloud Control – Death Cloud

‘A less commercial, more raw indie sounding version of Temper Trap’

It’s on free download on the Cloud Control facebook page as well


Dog Is Dead -Hands Down

‘Catchy indie pop from the UK, WIN!’


Zomby – Labyrinth

‘One of my favorite producers, make sure you go and listen to ‘where

were u in 92?’



The Jungle Giants – Mr Polite

      ‘Some more indie pop for you. Plus they list Cloud Control (number 1          on the list) as an influence , can only equal good’
ASAP Rocky – Out Of This World
       ‘Finally some rap from Harlem, NY, Rocky pulls his influences from       various genre’s, ultimately bringing afresh new sound to rap/ hip hop’

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