This time I will keep my blog going….

I haven’t posted in this in over a month due to a serious lack of motivation and too much alcohol consumption.
Still I’ve decided that instead of giving up totally and letting this blog get lost in the background of the interweb, I’m gunna give it one last go.

Get ready to hear some banging new tunes and to discover some new favourite bands



Another attempt at a blog…

I’ve known for years what I would write about if I was to to start a blog and thats Music, especially new music ( upcoming bands and what you should be listening to ). As arrogant as it must sound I do believe that people should like the music I like ( or at the very least appreciate it’s beauty ). So a couple of years ago I signed up on one of the many available blog sites, I thought up a ‘witty’ name which was probably something awfully dull sounding and I wrote a couple of posts. A week later the blog was forgotten about. This process has repeated itself several times over the last few years, I still can’t keep a blog going! But this is going to be the one, i’m sure of it (well… kinda sure)

Twitter Updates

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