New songs on my ipod

I’ve been away for a while and just generally busy so I have a backlog of posts to write today (it’s gunna be a long one) to kick start it off here’s a selection of songs that have made it on to my ipod this week.

1. Grouplove – Tounge Tied

2. Tribes – When My Day Comes

3.  Wavves – I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl

4. The Rapture – It Takes Time To Be A Man

5. Justice – Audio Video Disco


Wu Lyf

Many music fans i have talked to have never heard of Wu Lyf . Thats not so surprising tho as the band aren’t big on publicity and who can blame them, nowadays it seems that bands spend more time perfecting their look and improving their interview skills than writing good music and Wu Lyf’s music is definitely good.

If they were more well known then this song could of been the perfect soundtrack to the recent riots, shame really!

Now I have you hooked go and buy yourself their album ‘ Go tell fire to the mountain ‘


I have just finished watching the last ever episode of friends been shown on E4 (I wonder which channel will buy the programme now?) Anyway it got me thinking about my favorite songs with the word friend in the title, after a quick search in my music folder this is what i’ve come up with.

My top 5 songs with ‘friend’ in the title

5.  The Vaccines – Family Friend

4. Pulp –  Like a Friend

3. Foo Fighters – Friend of a Friend

2. Justice  vs Simian – We Are Your Friends

1. The Smiths – Girlfriend in a coma

Tribes (A band you need in your life)

This is Rock’n’Roll! Beautiful and infectious songs that sound best when being played on top of a shop roof in the middle of Camden. Also if you were wondering they sound pretty damn good live, I would recommend seeing them play asap. The song sappho has been played a lot around the internet lately and as much as I love that song I have to say that this song (below) is my favorite Tribes song.

The new single When my day comes should be out in October sometime and their album (which if my sources are right will be called ‘baby’) is due out in January 2012.

Wub Wub Wub

The newest Dubstep tracks to make it in to my music collection.

First up is a track called Superheroes by Quartus Saul, it will be released on the 12th of september, put it in your diary.

I discovered this through chiptune style dubstep producer Monster! Monster!’s soundcloud page a few hours ago and it’s been played a lot since. It’s what I like to call upbeat dubstep, it keeps you moving but it has enough wobble to make it ‘cool’ (as the NME kids would say)

This next track is from Zomboy, it’s called Game Time and it’s from the EP of the same name.

This tune has been doing the rounds for a while now but I purchased the EP off itunes earlier today so thought it deserved a listen. Plus Zomboy samples Peanut Butter Jelly Time so he’s pretty much godlike in my eyes.

Finally we have Imperial March by Dirt Monkey

This is one of them tracks that at first i’m not sure if i should like it, but the catchiness of the darth vader’s theme tune beats me and I end up playing this at full volume kinda wishing I had a lightsaber handy to swing around in time to the beats!!

Plus it’s on free download, so everyone wins

Stuck on repeat

Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Pulp play live for the first time in my life, I was covered in mud, sweat and bruises (from the three days already spent in a field) The hangover was immense but the many vodkas and few hastily/badly rolled spliffs sorted me out for an hour and a half of swaying and jumping around to my favorite band (the first time since I was 13 that I have had a favorite band) This song has been on repeat since that  saturday night, this is my current favorite song by pulp. Enjoy!

Another attempt at a blog…

I’ve known for years what I would write about if I was to to start a blog and thats Music, especially new music ( upcoming bands and what you should be listening to ). As arrogant as it must sound I do believe that people should like the music I like ( or at the very least appreciate it’s beauty ). So a couple of years ago I signed up on one of the many available blog sites, I thought up a ‘witty’ name which was probably something awfully dull sounding and I wrote a couple of posts. A week later the blog was forgotten about. This process has repeated itself several times over the last few years, I still can’t keep a blog going! But this is going to be the one, i’m sure of it (well… kinda sure)

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