The Best of… Film Soundtracks

500 Days of Summer

This is a lovely collection of moody indie including such greats as Belle & Sebastian and The Smiths. The later of which is possibly one of the best bands of all time, with strangely uplifting songs and brilliantly written lyrics (EXAMPLE “and if a ten ton truck kills the both of us, to die by your side,well, the pleasure – the privilege is mine.”) Throw in some more new school popular songs such as;

Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition

Jack Penate – Have I Been A Fool ( never been a fan but can’t help but like this song )

Wolfmother – Vagabond

Mumm-Rah – She’s Got You High ( possibly may be in every film , tv show and advert ever made )

Overall you have an enjoyable soundtrack which should be in every music fans collection, Oh and if you haven’t make sure you watch the film.

Unmade Beds

This soundtrack is from a charming little indie film about a couple of young adults squating in a warehouse in London. The tracks aren’t the most well known but there isn’t a bad track at all and there are some gems that will get themselves stuck on your top played playlist on itunes for a long time.My top 3 are;

Good Shoes – We Are Not The Same

Daniel Johnston – My Life Is Starting Over Again

Mary and the Boy – Fuck Me

All in all this soundtrack is cool, modern and fresh. A nice change from the over used over known songs on most soundtracks.




Kick Ass

Possibly my favorite film of 2010 but definitely my favorite soundtrack of the year. It helps that it’s full with some amazing artists, The Prodigy, New York Dolls and The Dickies. Hell they’ve even got some Elvis on there! The only let down to the soundtrack is the title song by Mika, fair play it’s bloody catchy but my god it’s CRAP. Luckily songs such as The Prodigy – Stand Up and The Hit Girls – Bad Reputation brings it right back to excellence.


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